FNEtia is the perfect look consisting of vibrant colour and sparkle. British born entrepreneur of Ghanaian descent, Franca Adjei, was born in South London and raised in Ghana by an entrepreneurial Grandmother.  A homeware designer, Franca’s love of colour was first discovered in her grandmother’s workshops where she spent a lot of time watching the life cycle of bedding and other homewares. Her Grandmother’s products were always an infusion of colours that just worked.  An elegant queen, she possessed an incredible taste for fashion accessories and always wore the best colourful beads and accessories.  Inheriting this, Franca would claim her appreciation of the colour wheel from this precious time spent with her Grandmother. With a desire to share this self-taught craft, she creates spectacular bespoke handmade jewellery, inspired by the love of life and fashion. Starting as a hobby, she is now in high demand for those unique one-off pieces that make someone special, feel special.

Using a wide variety of materials, FNEtia provides colour and elegance with the ideal combination of quality beads to create an exemplary piece of jewellery, exclusively for you.  She believes accessorising helps a woman’s confidence. Therefore, with her ultimate goal equalling, ‘The Perfect Look’ she sources the unusual beads from her travels to places like Canada, Spain and Ghana. FNEtia is about what works, what looks beautiful rather than how it should be. Bringing colour into dressing should not be limited to one age group but to all women, especially those who want to stand out in a crowd or simply appreciate unusual elegance and chic. Using the best beads that can be found, FNEtia introduces quality handmade jewellery.

With great attention to detail, FNEtia jewellery should bring satisfaction to all who patronize these goods.

These items would make a unique and perfect gift for a loved one, or simply an ideal way to treat one’s self when you want to be extra fashionable.This service enables you to wear a unique handmade piece of jewellery. No two necks are the same. There may be times when is necessary to make the design in various colours, but this is rare due to the time it takes to finish a piece.

Although the FNEtia cufflinks are made to suit, due to their popularity, many request the same design and simply alter the colours. If it’s for a bridal party, then the piece of jewellery is made adhering to the required colours and the style becomes secondary.”