How our jewellery is sourced?

In some of the FNEtia designs the traditional Ghanaian beads have been incorporated.  These traditional glass beads are often referred to as Krobo Beads. Produced in the mountains of Krobo Odumase, they are made from recycled bottles and other glass items. A real labour of love as these various glass items are grinded to powder and cooked in kilns to produce such beauty. Franca visits various manufactures in the Mountains of Krobo and Koforidua market where traders from other parts of Africa come to trade and exchange rear beads. At the Koforidua market, you can find beads that have been passed down from generations therefore as a family grown business much love is take in the reproduction of the beads to keep its authenticity.

A part of her heritage, it dates back to the times where it was classed as the, ‘Kings Currency’ used to barter trade, alcohol and textiles. Their significance is perhaps unquestionable and unmatched, yet they form part of a unique rich culture of rituals for girls coming of age and many other rites of passage, marriage, birth and installation of royalties. Traditionally, these were worn exclusively by our kings and queens especially that with the diamond shape in the middle. Their various colours hold beautiful meanings, blue is for purity, gold is for wealth and white for fertility.

In this new age of Sankofa, which means, ‘go back and get it’ many of us are reaching back to our heritage and showcasing the beauty that is Ghana. Ghana takes recycling to this level not only to save our landfills but sustain a working life for our matriarchal society.  Many of these women are the breadwinners of their families often caring for grandchildren and their elderly.  A constant story close to heart, provides the passion to give back by patronizing their craft and showcasing its true beauty in FNEtia design is a must.

To bring pieces to life, through much travel, unique beads are sourced. Many of the suppliers Franca meets also source from places yet to be visited gaining purchases at times of unique and unusual items and colours to suit my style. Work is simply carried out according to current trends and colours to bringing the client’s vision to life. The mission, however, is what works, creating a lot of fun when combining beads. Loving what works rather than what should be, many commissions are made to suit the colour of the occasion.

You can commission a piece by simply emailing specific details. Next, we arrange a meeting, where you get the opportunity to bring your required colours and ideas to the table. It is important you have a budget to ensure we can create a unique piece tailored to suit you. Therefore, to commence your commission there is a requirement of 50% deposit and the final balance on completion – approximately 6-8weeks later.